Transport by railway and road

Sea transportation

Sea freight and port logistics.

Sea transport is known as one of the popular means of transportation, in some cases it is the only type of transportation for intercontinental cargo shipping. Cargo transportation by sea has advantages such as low transportation cost in long distances compared to continental transportation. Both regular and non-standard cargoes are shipped by sea. The most commonly used type of shipping is the use of containers especially for a multimodal transport. The use of containers for shipping allows cost efficiency and improved on-time delivery. It is made possible through « fast-loading lane », minimizing handling, labor cost and packing costs. Sea transport is a highly efficient method of transportation and undoubtedly has the top leading position in the transportation area. Port Express provides a full range of sea freight services to and from any country. We manage as well port logistic in the port of Saint-Petersburg. We are able to handle the most complex transport projects offering the best solutions according to international regulations.